Meredith Biggart MS, RD, LDN

Meredith Biggart MS, RD, LDN


Meredith is a non-weight-based dietitian whose ultimate focus is on optimizing the health and wellness of her clients with methods that are inclusive, sustainable and evidenced-based.

She strives to provide individualized care with an understanding that nutrition is not a one size fits all industry and knowing the needs and goals of each individual is varied and unique. Managing a healthy relationship with food and our busy, hectic lives can be a challenge. Root Nutrition will help you integrate enjoyable, comfortable and mindful eating practices into your crazy life.

Meredith received both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Nutrition through Simmons College in Boston. She also completed her dietetic internship at Simmons College. Through field work, Meredith practiced in traditional clinical, community and foodservice settings, but a concentration in eating disorders gave her access to an entirely new perspective into the world of nutrition, gaining insight on helping clients how to heal their relationships with food and body image. This is where she was introduced to more mindful/intuitive eating practices and started focusing less on weight as a determinant of overall health.

Setting clients free of food rules and rigidity in their diets, while being mindful of her client’s goals and aspirations, was the premise in the development of the Root Nutrition brand. If you want to find peace in your eating habits, you really need to “get to the root” of what’s standing in your way.

In addition to being a self-employed dietitian, Meredith is and adjunct nutrition instructor at both North Shore Community College campuses, a member of the clinical dietetics team at CNC360 in Lexington, MA and most importantly, a mother to three little boys, which adds its own “spice” to her professional work in pregnancy, post-pregnancy, and pediatric nutrition.

Registered Dietitian
Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist
Master of Science in Nutrition, Health Promotion and Entrepreneurship
Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics
(Simmons College)



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